How should I install HEDERA 4?
How can I download and use the app?
How do I install HEDERA 1?

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Where can I install Hedera?
  • You can install Hedera simply by inserting two wall plugs at a distance of 20cm between them and a recommended height of about 180cm from the floor.
  • Pay attention to the type of wall (bricks, concrete, plasterboard etc.) that you are going to drill, if you have any doubts ask an expert, the type of mounting may vary.
  • Make sure you have a power outlet nearby or use an extension cable.
  • Hedera is programmable and remotely manageable only if your modem has a wi-fi, 2.4ghz .
How should I fill HEDERA?
  • We create the deepest layer of the vase. We insert 2/3 fingers into the vase (3-4 cm) of pure volcanic lapillus (LAPILLO 100%): this material is completely inert and with low water retention precisely to facilitate the drainage of water from the layer above, that of cultivation, up to the water collection hole. Alternatively we can suggest an inert such as expanded clay, vermiculite or lapillus again, making sure that the granules have a diameter greater than 10 mm to reduce the possibility of traffic jams in the drainage pipe;
  • If desired, the drainage can be separated from the rest of the substrate with non-woven fabric in order to obtain a more effective and clean system..
  • We then insert into the vase, the mix of volcanic lapilli and organic substance specific for the vegetable garden / vertical garden (MIX ORTO). We get to the edge of the vase, leaving uncovered for safety up to one finger to the edge (about 1 cm).
  • Create space to store the plants or seeds you want to grow and you will have completed your pot.